The Unitefingerboarding Park 2
You've likely all seen the teaser images I've posted on instagram of the new unitefingerboarding park being built for Crossed Fingers, and you might have heard me say that I'd be revealing it today. After many hours of work, the fantastic painting skills of my lovely girlfriend Rosie, and a whole lot of cutting wood by myself, the park is finally finished.

So here it is, here's what you'll get to sesh if you head to Crossed Fingers 3! I think it's easily the nicest park I've made, it's got a lot of potential for lines and combos without making it an overly complex design. There are complexities and hidden bits to the design, but at a first look it's pretty simple compared to the original unite park.
"In short, it cost just under £50 to make including the stand"
I learnt a lot from previous parks I've made, and I've increased the spacing on this park so there's much more room to run up and land tricks, as well as everything being less cramped. One side of the park entirely dedicated to a grass gap and manny pad/box - albeit with some rad banks before it, it gives you exactly what you need to get hammers down.

I really cant pick a favourite part of this park, it makes for some amazing cruising and I really hope you guys will like it too. Many people asked me 'how do you make it?' 'how much was it?' In short, it cost just under £50 to make including the stand, and making it is as simple as cutting and stacking bits of wood. I used 25mm MDF as 4x8 feet of that was only 35, and left me with loads left over should you want a more complex design.

Go make your own park, but not before you check out unite on facebook for more pictures here :)
Posted on 27th August 2014 at 08:25 by Kerry.
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