Weca x Bawsewood Collab
If you've been following either of these companies on Instagram, you've likely seen a little bit about this collaboration posted already. A image showing off what looked like a poster for the collaboration was floating about, but it turns out that image wasn't a poster but one of the deck graphics that will be dropping when this stock arrives. Which apparently isn't far away.

The two amazing graphics for this collaboration have been shown off, and I really like how they're handling it stock wise. Both companies with make three decks each for each of these graphics, so you'll be able to get both graphics in both deck styles AND they wont sell out as quick as one of decks do. I imagine the Weca ones will fly off the shelves as Weca tend to fly off anyway, but these are going to be just as nice from Bawse, so they'll be really well received.
"Both companies with make three decks each for each of these graphics"
It's rad to see two companies coming together - they've both got a similar take on artwork so I think their vibes work really well together - plus it'll really help Bawsewood get up hype to a level closer to what they deserve. Even if you don't care and just want some cool decks, you really cant go wrong when both of these companies charge a very reasonable price for their decks: Weca want 24 euros for these special decks (instead of a standard 22 for graphics) and Bawse haven't announced a price, but I imagine it'll be similar.

So when can you pick them up? Stock is apparently dropping on Monday, I imagine some time in the afternoon or evening because that'll allow both of them to be awake in their respective parts of the world and thus put the stock up at the same time. More info will likely be put out in between then and now, but I think that sort of a time frame makes a lot of sense. Either way, there's only a few days to save before these beauties go on sale - get ready!

Go check Weca for more pictures of stock here :)
Posted on 19th July 2014 at 09:05 by Kerry.
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