Compiny Pool Shape
If you're like me, you've got a lot of fingerboard companies followed on instagram. It tends to be one of the first place little sneak peeks of products appear, so as such I've seen little bits of this product pop up for quite a while now. Far from finished versions that is, so now seeing the finished version it's all the more awesome.

What's gone down? Well, Compiny have dropped their latest deck, the Pool Shape! I've always liked Compiny decks, they've got such a unique shape and feel to them, which looks like is definitely translated over into their stab at oldschool brilliance. At first glance it's just your bog standard pool deck, but there are little differences that I really like about it, that make it quite unique.
"if it's anything on Compiny decks of current the price will be nice to match"
Firstly, it looks super short. In a fun way, the wheelbase looks shrunk down and there's a tiny nose to match. However it's definitely a nose with height on it to make it an actual kick, so tricks shouldn't be a problem if you feel like some flips with an oldschool. Otherwise the massive tail is going to be fantastic for control, and give you a really nice feel on airs.

Unfortunately this isn't available yet, and I don't know when they'll drop - but I think it's one of the more interesting oldschool decks we've seen pop up in recent months. Definitely worth picking up when they release - if it's anything on Compiny decks of current the price will be nice to match too. In the mean time, their current decks, including a super limited and lush graphic, are available now.

Go check Compiny here :)
Posted on 18th July 2014 at 08:50 by Kerry.
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