Cowply Trance Decks
Cowply are one of those companies that seem to get massive amounts of hype on whatever they do, probably because of their proximity and working relationship with Flatface that's gone down since long before they were called Cowply decks. Though, it must be said for all the hype they get, they push out products that definitely deserve it.

So what's new? Well, they've had a website overhaul by the looks of it, but more importantly have dropped a new line of limited edition decks, in what looks like an accident turned into a happy accident. Graphics that were blemished by getting water on them became the interesting new line of decks called the Trance decks. So named, not so much because of their graphic style, but because of their new shape.
"25 dollars for one of these doesn't seem a bad deal at all"
The Trance Shape decks are decks with a boxy tail and slightly more pointed nose, starting 31.5mm at the tail going up to the standard 33mm width at the nose. It's nice too that there's a price drop for them - I mean they're 'limited' but if they took a mistake and called it a 'special edition' and raised the price, that'd be pretty atrocious. 25 dollars for one of these doesn't seem a bad deal at all!

The rest of the decks are available on the site for 30 dollars, which given how nice the graphics are, and that that gets you a 33mm board, you really cant go wrong. The art style mixed with a solid all round board is a combination that's hard to beat, so if you don't want to wait for Flatface stocks and want to get them straight from Cowply, definitely go pick one up. Hype may still be right up there, but these decks 100% deserve it.

Go check Cowply here :)
Posted on 17th July 2014 at 11:55 by Kerry.
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