Welcome to Unite 4.0!
For me, this has been a long time coming. Wanting to take what I do to another level and really make the content that I'm giving you guys through unitefingerboarding something that people will want to read then read again. Something that'll stand out, and something that fingerboarders world wide will enjoy.

So, here we are. Welcome to unitefingerboarding 4.0, the biggest change to unite since the start. I've changed from free hosting to paid hosting and entirely coded the site myself, no more using blogger and cheating with CSS so that it didn't look terrible. Nope, this is exactly what I've always wanted, a site that feels and looks more like a web magazine, where news is something that has a more lasting appeal than quickfire updates. Why have I gone down this route? Well, two reasons. One, I actually really like writing, so if I'm just writing tiny bits about things that's not as enjoyable for me. And two, there are simply soo many sites out there these days doing fingerboard news in a quickfire way - and kudos to all of those sites for doing what they do as I know the effort involved in maintaining a site like that - but I wanted to make unite something my own, something different to those. Not for the sake of being different, but for the sake of it being I can continue to relate too.
"this is exactly what I've always wanted, a site that feels and looks more like a web magazine, where news is something that has a more lasting appeal"
So what will you find on the new unite? Well, aside the awesome new layout, new look, and a nice helpful navigation bar that follows you everywhere, you'll find all posts are a lot longer and formatted slightly differently. Reviews also have a new score at the bottom of them (although at time of writing not ALL have the score added, that'll come within the next day) which is colour coded for the score of the review.

Another new style of doing things, that'll start tomorrow, is that videos will be posted into a video roundup every day or two, which will highlight one video in particular as the favourite video as well as showing off others. I still hope to promote unheard of riders as well as making sure you don't miss the latest from the greatest out there - so hopefully you guys will like that too.

I think it's been a big journey to get to this point, especially with Fingersized closing and me taking a step back to look at what I was doing with unite, I've been able to take it in a direction I wanted. I know I got a little caught up but I never wanted to rule the world, just to share fingerboarding with as many people as possible. I think this is me being able to do that, and concentrate on nothing but it. Well, that and actually fingerboarding myself!

So, thanks to everyone who's been with unite since the start, I really hope you like the new site and will enjoy checking it out. All SOTW entries from this year's SOTY, and all reviews have been carried over from the old site (manually, which wasn't fun aha..), but what's left obviously is about 9000 posts that aren't here. The old unite archive still exists and always will - and obviously here will be a lot more padded out over the coming month - but for now bare with things being not as full as I'd like in terms of non review content.

Go back home and enjoy :)
Posted on 3rd November 2013 at 9:30 by Kerry.
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