Flatface are being crazy at the moment, with a double whammy of amazing product drops in a very short period of time. There hasn't been enough time for me to get over the awesomeness of the white/purple colourway... [read more]
This news makes me very happy. Fingerplant were a company I worked with a lot during running Fingersized, and they made a boat load of awesome decks and wheels that I both sold fantastically and enjoyed reviewing... [read more]
Once again, The Norwood Project amaze me by finding a company I don't really know anything about, and showing off their fantastic line of products... [read more]
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PRO FB are a company likely everyone knows now, one of the biggest fingerboard webshops in the world straight out of Russia.... [read more]
Fast Fingers 18, this year's fingerboard world championship, was announced a fair while ago. However other than a date, not too... [read more]
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