Videos in fingerboarding come and go pretty quickly, infact most days there are a bunch of sick things put up by a bunch of different riders. Videos that last the test of time and really stick in your mind as something... [read more]
Berlinwood are definitely on a roll as of late, with some really sick announcements like their new lazer logo decks, or that all of their boards will be available in low 33.3mm wide as well as all the previous sizes... [read more]
This week was a really hard week to choose in Setup of the Week, soo many nice setups were posted that I had a hard time choosing a winner. In the end I think I made the right choice, but let's just say there could have... [read more]
Setup from Woob.
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It's epic seeing Crude pump new stuff out, even if it's just teasers of what's to come. Their vibe has always been one of my favourites... [read more]
Blackriver have definitely been kicking themselves up a notch recently, with a long period of basically silence broken thanks to a... [read more]
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